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Exploring the Art World to Cultivate In-Depth Client Relationships


Workshops in Geneva and Zürich

Unveil the world of art with Sabah Art Advisory's tailored workshops, designed for wealth managers, family officers, hedge fund professionals, and private institutions in Geneva and Zürich.


Gain deep insights into the art market, art history, investment strategies, and collector preferences, positioning yourself as an influential figure.

Customized Program

(Geneva & Zürich)

Our workshops provide you with the skills to navigate both conventional and digital art markets, deepening your comprehension of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) clients, many of whom are passionate art enthusiasts. 

Experience engaging workshops with the valuable insights of distinguished art professionals as guest speakers.

Embark now for an exciting journey through the art world, unlocking endless possibilities to expand and enhance your client base. 

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In our office or yours

In our office or yours

In our office or yours

At your own


In group






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Our workshops are crafted to assist you in:

  • Diversification of Investments

  • Wealth Preservation and Risk Management

  • Client Engagement and Education

  • Strategic Networking Opportunities

  • Alignment with ESG 

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