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Sabah Art Advisory was founded by Romain Sabah to provide personalized services to private individuals and corporate offices based on his experience and extensive worldwide network of art galleries, dealers, collectors, and private investors. Our team is made up of specialists who value complete transparency in every aspect of building and managing client's asset. We take pride in practicing ethical investment strategies and protecting our client's best interest with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. 

art advisory

  • Advisory on auction and private sale acquisition

  • Collection guidance and valorization

  • Sale consulting 

  • Liaison with legal and fiscal advisors 

  • Curation and installation 

  • Market analysis

collection management

  • Valuation and appraisals 

  • Bespoke collection planning 

  • Cataloging and archiving 

  • In-depth research and documentation

  • Arrangement of exhibition loans 

  • Conservation, restoration, framing, installation and storage

  • Logistics, shipping and  customs 

  • Fine art insurance


  • Predicting trends, identifying new artists to invest in

  • Acquiring artworks through sourcing and negotiation.

  • Due diligence on authenticity and provenance 

  • Monitoring shipping, conservation, storage, crating, and framing

  • Artwork sales through our optimized channels

sales acquisition

  • Auction bidding and private sale consignment negotiations  

  • Pre-sale and post-sale management and logistics 

  • Strategies for sales and acquisitions

  • Arrangement of Third Party Guarantees

  • Buyer reports and insight

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