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Sabah Art Advisory is an art consultancy firm based in Geneva that specializes in Post-War and Contemporary Art. We provide comprehensive services to private art collectors, family estates,

and investors all around the world. 


Sabah Art Advisory builds and manages collections of all sizes. We tailor our activities to meet our clients’ particular needs and objectives and we seek out the most innovative artworks through our optimized channels, in-house expertise, and extensive research. Our international network includes blue-chip galleries, major private collectors, and art dealers. Our client base extends to Asia, Europe,

and the United States. 


Our mission is to support and guide our clients through each step of the art collecting process, from acquisitions to ownership to dispersal. Our independent position and professional advising are always centered around our clients’ wishes. Our values lie in complete transparency, discretion, and confidentiality. 

Art advisory

  • Personalized advice based on the client’s needs or objectives:

  • Collection guidance and valorization

  • Sale consulting 

  • Liaison with legal and fiscal advisors 

  • Curation and installation 

  • Market analysis

Collection management

  • Valuation and appraisals 

  • Short and long-term collection planning 

  • Cataloguing and archiving 

  • In-depth research and documentation

  • Arrangement of museum and exhibition loangs and gifts

  • Conservation, restoration, framing, installation and storage

  • Logistics, shipping and  customs formalities

  • Fine art insurance

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